Rainmaker Retreat Sponsors

A huge shoutout to our incredible sponsors! Each of these esteemed organizations are committed to advancing the legal profession and fostering innovation, collaboration and excellence within the legal community.  


Discover the top-rated cloud-based legal software designed to streamline and elevate your law firm’s operations. Experience the comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates billing, communications and document management into one user-friendly platform.


LAWCLERK was built by attorneys that understand that in order to have a successful law practice in the 21st century, you must evolve and adapt your business model. You must be flexible and nimble to meet your clients’ needs. You must have the resources to power your firm – whether that means taking bigger cases, a higher volume of cases, additional practice areas, or having the resources to compete with bigger firms.


LAWCLERK connects you with an extensive network of freelance lawyers and gives you the systems and tools you need to seamlessly select and work with your chosen on-demand attorneys. We handle the vetting, payment, and tax reporting, as well as provide a mechanism for you to bill your client for the work you delegate.


LAWCLERK additionally ensures that a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement is executed for every project, provides a two-tier conflicts check process, provides a secured and encrypted chat and document library to allow you to safely and securely share documents, and allows you to build your hand-selected teams of on-demand associates.


Clients frequently desire more communication than can be feasibly provided manually, particularly when there’s no significant update to report. Hona addresses this need by delivering consistent updates effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Seamlessly integrated with your practice management system, Hona guarantees efficient communication with just a single click. With Hona, clients receive prompt updates as tasks advance on their matter, ensuring they remain informed throughout the entire process.


Meet the company dedicated to giving you more time, regardless of your law firm’s size. Lex Reception offers a specialized phone answering service tailored for lawyers seeking greater efficiency. Beyond simply answering incoming calls, they assist law firms in developing intake scripts, making outbound calls, and more. Many Lex Receptionists boast prior experience working with law firms and undergo training at Lex to confidently handle your new client inquiries. 


Virtustant is a leading international staffing firm headquartered in the United States. With a strong focus on Canadian and LATAM regions, Virtustant is dedicated to helping law firms find the highest quality, top talent to fill intake, paralegal and administrative roles, at a fraction of the cost.